[M3commit] CVS Update: cm3

Jay jayk123 at hotmail.com
Mon May 12 23:36:41 CEST 2008

Indeed I had a SPARC64-targeting cm3cg, and it was causing other problems -- the use of ldx/stx was failing, no matter what I used for -march and -mcpu, finally I realized the problem.
I have since fixed that.
I'll try again with your change here.
I'm going to try downloading my boot (named "base") archive and make-dist from there. It should work.
And then try enabling gc and pic.
 - Jay

> Date: Mon, 12 May 2008 22:32:17 +0000> To: m3commit at elegosoft.com> From: hosking at elego.de> Subject: [M3commit] CVS Update: cm3> > CVSROOT: /usr/cvs> Changes by: hosking at birch. 08/05/12 22:32:17> > Modified files:> cm3/m3-sys/m3cc/gcc/gcc/m3cg/: parse.c > > Log message:> These are always t_int = Target.Integer.cg_type as per structural constraints> in CG.m3. If they are not then there is something wrong about the way the> backend was compiled (wrong target!), since t_int depends on BITS_WORD_SIZE> of the target.> 
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