[M3commit] CVS Update: cm3

Jay Krell jkrell at elego.de
Mon May 18 03:59:45 CEST 2009

CVSROOT:	/usr/cvs
Changes by:	jkrell at birch.	09/05/18 03:59:45

Modified files:
	cm3/m3-libs/libm3/src/os/POSIX/: m3makefile 
	cm3/m3-libs/libm3/src/random/: m3makefile 
	cm3/m3-libs/m3core/src/C/Common/: m3makefile 
	cm3/m3-libs/m3core/src/Csupport/: m3makefile 
	cm3/m3-libs/m3core/src/float/: m3makefile 
	cm3/m3-libs/m3core/src/runtime/: m3makefile 
	cm3/m3-libs/m3core/src/runtime/common/: Compiler.tmpl m3makefile 
	cm3/m3-libs/m3core/src/time/POSIX/: m3makefile 
	cm3/m3-libs/m3core/src/unix/Common/: m3makefile 
	cm3/m3-sys/cminstall/src/config-no-install/: ARM_DARWIN 
	cm3/m3-sys/m3gdb/src/: m3makefile 
	cm3/m3-sys/m3middle/src/: Target.i3 Target.m3 
Added files:
	cm3/m3-libs/m3core/src/C/ARM_DARWIN/: Csetjmp.i3 m3makefile 

Log message:
	enough ARM_DARWIN support now to build a bootstrap archive
	for compile-c+link cm3 not necessarily on a native system,
	though such tools are available (native system only
	has 128meg RAM), but at least on a system
	with iphone-targeting gcc and ld, which so far I only have
	gotten to build on MacOS X 10.4/powerpc, despite all the
	instructions saying it works on a variety of systems,
	there are always some errors building ld, related to mbstate_t, etc.
	The config file is a bit Jay-specific as I don't have "gcc"
	but arm-apple-darwn9-gcc, could easily fix with symlinks
	and PATH munging.

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