[M3commit] C typedefs for CARDINAL/LONGCARD?

Jay K jay.krell at cornell.edu
Sat Apr 10 14:07:22 CEST 2010

> > add CARDINAL and LONGCARD as synonyms for ptrdiff_t and INT64


As I see things, there are two approximations, and nothing "exact".

INTEGER is exactly ptrdiff_t.

LONGINT is exactly long long or __int64.



CARDINAL is approx INTEGER (ptrdiff_t) and approx size_t, but neither is quite right.

LONGCARD is approx LONGINT (long long/__int64) and approx unsigned long long/__int64, but neither is quite right.

  The C unsigned types are "full range", but the Modula-3 unsigned types are "half range".



Another approximation would be:



typedef struct {

  unsigned long or something value: 31 or 63;



typedef struct {

  unsigned long long value: 63;



That is at least a way to get the correct positive "half range".

but that's just worth wondering about -- passing small structs by value.

There's probably no portable way to get a >32bit bit field on a 32bit system,

even if there is "long long".


I view this kind of a stylistic thing, kind of a correctness thing.


If I have:

<* EXTERNAL Interface__Foo*> PROCEDURE Foo(a: CARDINAL);


What should I write in C?


void Foo(size_t a) { }

void Foo(ptrdiff_t a) { }


void Foo(CARDINAL a) { } This at least looks nice, but how does one make it correct?


Perhaps such a declaration just should not be written? Instead use INTEGER?


Imagine our C/Modula-3 interop story were so advanced, that we generated C header files

from Modula-3 .i3 files. What then?



Again, I'm willing to consider the option is "don't do that".

Such an advanced system might just omit functions taking CARDINAL/LONGCARD.

  After all -- where does the subrange check occur? If it is at the call, then

  C code would too easily violate the safety.

  If it is at the receipt, then the pattern I have too easily violates the safety

   receiving the values in C.



Again I'm open to the idea that CARDINAL/LONGCARD don't interoperate with C.



 - Jay
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> I'm not sure you want always to assume that. I find these synonyms a little misleading.
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> > add CARDINAL and LONGCARD as synonyms for ptrdiff_t and INT64
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