[M3commit] unresolve order TARGET vs. INSTALL_ROOT

Olaf Wagner wagner at elegosoft.com
Wed Apr 21 19:21:59 CEST 2010

Quoting Jay K <jay.krell at cornell.edu>:

> Yes and more so.
> 1) I don't know what the original full cause was when I ran makedist  
>  myself, to need unresolve fixes.
> I just know unresolve/.m3ship had a problem that I didn't fully   
> investigate, took a lazy route.
> So those changes could be removed from release.

If they're working there's no need.

> 2) You could set stage to DARWIN_AMD64 or whatever instead of   
> AMD64_DARWIN, working around this other part.
> It depends how much you want -no-m3ship-resolve to work -- well   
> enough for most paths and for us to release,
> or also fix known problem.
> I think -no-m3ship-resolve could be the one and only way -- always   
> on, not an option -- once it works well enough.

I'll try that soon.

> 3) You can take the second change without the first larger set as well.
> 4) *So far* we don't have a reason to go past RC5, except for very   
> focused target-specific fixes, both for Darwin.
> No portable bugs.
> 4b) But maybe that is wishful thinking.

I wonder if anybody has actually tried the RC5 archives...

> 4c) If we do have another release...nevermind...various thoughts   
> about UtimeC.c...head has had
> two restructurings since release..both of which would have fixed   
> this problem, except I didn't know it.
> The later restructuring caused source changes in callers, the   
> earlier did not..
> (64bit OpenBSD I think has the same problem as 64bit Darwin but so   
> far we only have I386_OPENBSD
> apparently releasing, and no NetBSD. Is there an official plan? Or,   
> maybe part of the plan is, given
> a tag, you can trickle lesser platforms out later? (My fault for not  
>  keeping VM hudson slaves up.)

There's no plan. We can add platforms to the release later, if there
are only changes in target-specific code.

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