[M3commit] CVS Update: cm3

Jay Krell jkrell at elego.de
Mon Jul 19 03:23:16 CEST 2010

CVSROOT:	/usr/cvs
Changes by:	jkrell at birch.	10/07/19 03:23:16

Modified files:
	cm3/m3-sys/m3cc/src/: m3makefile 
	cm3/m3-sys/m3cc/gcc/gcc/config/: darwin.h 

Log message:
	m3makefile, basically undo:
	Revision 1.162
	always specify -build, -host, -target, for cross and native
	consistent but experimenta/unorthodox
	Usually people let config.guess do all the work for native
	and always for build.
	Default build to host, not target.
	Revision 1.161
	Always specify -target.
	in native builds, always specify -build and -host.
	This should provide for more consistency,
	though is also a bit experimental and unorthodox.
	darwin.h, undo
	Revision 1.2
	always support hidden aka private extern aka don't export every function
	This should fix PPC_DARWIN and maybe maybe others (SPARC32_LINUX).
	Possibly relatd, I've noticed SOLsun using sparc-sun-solaris2.10-gcc
	to build cm3cg, when I was hoping it'd use Sun cc. This will
	at least change it to plain gcc, but same thing.

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