[M3commit] CVS Update: cm3

Jay Krell jkrell at elego.de
Mon Sep 17 13:07:11 CEST 2012

CVSROOT:	/usr/cvs
Changes by:	jkrell at birch.	12/09/17 13:07:11

Modified files:
	cm3/m3-sys/m3back/src/: M3C.m3 

Log message:
	is_const => const
	const => const_text
	4 space indentation (work in progress)
	add target/wordsize at top of C
	restore "static" on non-exported globals (important! avoids duplicates
	and errors)
	and then most importantly, pad out segments to their declared sizes
	very important -- to get the zeros at the end instead of garbage
	this fixes crashing at "startup" (in RTLinker.InitRuntime)
	..it still crashes in RTLinker.InitRuntime, but it gets
	significantly further

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