[M3devel] "why cminstall isn't needed"

Jay jayk123 at hotmail.com
Tue Dec 25 20:03:21 CET 2007

Here is what happens on Mac OSX 10.4 PowerPC.

Where would you like the system installed? [/usr/local/cm3] 

 This is the one thing worthwhile, though the default is fine.

1: /usr/bin/emacsclient
2: /usr/bin/emacs
3: /usr/bin/gnuclient
4: /usr/bin/vi
5: /usr/bin/vim
What should be the default text editor for new CM3 users? 
   [/usr/bin/emacsclient](1 of 5) 

I don't believe this is ever used, not until Reactor comes back.
Otherwise it's not a terrible thing to ask.

1: /usr/lib
Where are the flex/bison libraries? [/usr/lib](1 of 1) 

I haven't tested this yet, but the default appears correct, and you don't
likely need to specify it. "-lfl" probably suffices.

Where are the Postgres95 libraries?  

By default, nowhere.
User could edit cm3.cfg file. Perhaps just comment which
parts are more or less expected to be user-edited?

Where are the OpenGL libraries?  

Haven't tested this, but again I believe hardcoding is trivial.
Like -framework OpenGL or such. (attached)

1: /usr/lib
2: /usr/local/lib
Where are the ODBC libraries? [/usr/lib](1 of 2) 

Untested, but again /usr/lib appears correct and -liodbc -liodbcinst
should suffice.

Where are the Motif libraries?  

Nowhere by default.

Where are the X11 libraries?  

Nowhere by default, but probably hardcodeable if installed.

1: /usr/bin/gcc
2: /usr/bin/cc
Where is your C compiler? [/usr/bin/gcc](1 of 2) 

Both options are fine and equivalent, along with "cc, "gcc", "gcc-3.3", "gcc-4.0".

1: /usr/bin/ar
Where is your library archiver? [/usr/bin/ar](1 of 1) 

This is correct, along with "ar", but the docs suggest shouldn't be used.

1: /usr/bin/ranlib
Where is your library indexer? [/usr/bin/ranlib](1 of 1) 


1: /usr/bin/as
Where is your assembler? [/usr/bin/as](1 of 1) 

This is correct, along with "as".
Could also be, e.g. /usr/libexec/darwin/pcc/as, but nothing
to be gained by using that directly, right?
(gcc has similar actual files)

See my point? It's all rather worthless.
Hardcoded defaults or $PATH search work.

Attached is my config file so far but I am having problems..

 - Jay

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