[M3devel] PPC_DARWIN problems, at least config/5.2.6, maybe all moot

Mika Nystrom mika at async.caltech.edu
Tue Dec 25 22:47:03 CET 2007

Jay writes:
>You know, I dare say, that platforms have been reduced and converged enough=
> such that..you can get rid of
>Quake and move it into cm3. Um.. do any of the Unix platforms support other=
> than gcc? Other than GNU ld?

I take it you don't mean "get rid of Quake" but "get rid of cm3.cfg"?
I would certainly agree that cm3.cfg is problematic.  I have more
than once had apparently unresolvable issues with CM3 that Tony
fixed by sending me a new cm3.cfg, which came, seemingly, out of a

However I also would think it's a bad idea to reduce configurability.
As Olaf said, you'll miss it the moment it's gone.  (Someone will.)
Non-GNU Solaris and Digital Unix aren't that hard to support with
the current code if someone wanted to, for instance.  Why make such a 
hypothetical someone's work harder?  (Just an example, I'm sure there
are other things.)


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