[M3devel] Darwin Intel Data Alignment

Darko darko at darko.org
Tue May 22 15:13:09 CEST 2007


I'm having problems trying to use byte aligned fields in structures  
in the new Darwin Intel compiler. My understanding is that the  
processor accepts accesses on (word, etc) data not aligned on their  
normal boundaries. Is there something in the back end which means  
this is not possible?

The <*LAZYALIGN*> pragma doesn't work properly and I get:

"../src/mac/PalPlat.m3", line 1525: ** INTERNAL CG ERROR ***  
unaligned store_indirect  type=11  s/a=32/16
"../src/mac/PalPlat.m3", line 2977: ** INTERNAL CG ERROR *** unable  
to find integer type?  type=Int.32  s/o/a=32/64/16

when I compile. I think the platform independent alignment  
calculation code is correct, so I'm thinking this is a back end  

Any thoughts?


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