[M3devel] NT386 with cm3-5.5 bootstrap compiler

Jay jay.krell at cornell.edu
Fri Sep 21 02:50:51 CEST 2007

As a follow up to confirm, look where I  made changes since LONGINT, I believe make-dist in particular I had to make changes to to build the right packages in the right order. I'll look into upgrade/update sometime soon..
 - Jay

From: jay.krell at cornell.eduTo: dabenavidesd at yahoo.es; hosking at cs.purdue.edu; m3devel at elegosoft.comSubject: RE: [M3devel] NT386 with cm3-5.5 bootstrap compilerDate: Fri, 21 Sep 2007 00:49:21 +0000

The "-d5.5" thing is a backup of the package repository. Indeed I find it annoying sometimes, but I mimiced upgrade.sh and I'd have to think it all through again before deleting/changing how it works. I think it makes it easier to back out of a broken change. If you end up with non-working stuff, you copy pkg-d5.5 back on top of pkg. I really strongly suspect update.cmd works. I don't remember if it upgrades...oh, sorry, wrong script I think.make-dist.cmd? How about that one?Whichever one creates .tar.bz2 files. That's the one I meant. Oops, sorry sorry sorry. :\   - Jay

Date: Thu, 20 Sep 2007 22:53:35 +0200From: dabenavidesd at yahoo.esTo: hosking at cs.purdue.edu; m3devel at elegosoft.comSubject: Re: [M3devel] NT386 with cm3-5.5 bootstrap compilerHi:The script upgarde.cmd produced compiler does recognize the LONGINT as a reserved word.I can get this error when compiling the m2libs of m2tom3 compiler:new source -> compiling SYSTEM.i3"..\src\SYSTEM.i3", line 40: Reserved identifier redefined (LONGINT)1 error encounteredThanks again>On Sep 20, 2007, at 11:15 AM, Daniel Alejandro Benavides D. wrote:> Hi:> Thanks for your suggestions. I have tried the> scripts/win/upgrade.cmd, and It does compile and then> you can execute do-cm3-std.cmd.>> However I noticed the that script exports a m3core pkg> to the repository with a m3core-d5.5 like suffix. Not> sure what is this for.>> I will test if it can recognize the LONGINT datatype.>> Also I have  a question about Tony's suggestion. The> packages m3objfile and m3back are not ncessary on the> stages
 you mention for NT386 target?>Oh, yes, of course they are.  Sorry, I forgot about that for NT386.>> Thanks>> --- Tony Hosking <hosking at cs.purdue.edu> escribió:>>> It strikes me that you may need to sequence as>> follows to avoid>> running into having a compiler that does not handle>> LONGINT.>>>> Using the "devel_LONGINT_start" tagged versions of>> m3core and libm3>> from CVS,>> using your original compiler, build and ship in the>> following order:>>>> m3core (devel_LONGINT_start)>> libm3 (devel_LONGINT_start)>> m3middle>> m3linker>> m3front>> m3quake>> cm3>>>> Now you have
 a new compiler linked against the old>> m3core.>>>> Using the new compiler (in cm3/NT386), and the CVS>> head versions of>> m3core and libm3,>> build and ship in the following order:>>>> m3core (CVS head)>> libm3 (CVS head)>> m3middle>> m3linker>> m3front>> m3quake>> cm3>>>> Now you have a new compiler linked against the new>> m3core.>>>> Copy this new compiler to your CM3 installation bin>> directory.>>>> Use this new compiler to rebuild the world.>>>>>> On Sep 18, 2007, at 8:41 PM, Jay wrote:>>>>> Daniel, can you try just going back to 5.2.6 and>> running scripts\win>>> \update?>>> You should be able to build the current source the>> last
 "official">>> Win32 binaries, as long as you build in the>> correct order and all,>>> which the update.cmd does. You know, there's a>> certain mentality>>> around bootstrapping and keeping the connection>> back to the>>> previous version, that I upheld. As long as you>> are careful, you>>> can go from old binaries to new binaries, you>> don't have to get the>>> new binaries magically somewhere, though you do>> need the old>>> binaries magically from somewhere. :)>>>>>> Perhaps there's a regression. I can check "later".>>>>>>  - Jay>>> Date: Wed, 19 Sep 2007 00:49:57 +0200>>> From: dabenavidesd at yahoo.es>>> To: hosking at cs.purdue.edu; m3devel at elegosoft.com>>> Subject: Re: [M3devel] NT386 with cm3-5.5>> bootstrap compiler>>>>>> Hi:>>>>>> I have compiled with the Jay produced 5.5>> bootstrap compiler, and>>> also with 5.1.3a,>>>  5.2.6 and get the same error.>>>>>> Thanks>>>>>>> You need to compile the new m3core with the old>>
 compiler so that the>>>> symbol is available to you when you compile using>> the new compiler.>>>> This is a classical bootstrapping problem.>>>>>>> On Sep 18, 2007, at 6:30 PM, Daniel Alejandro>> Benavides D. wrote:>>>>>>> Hi:>>>> Thanks for your answer, I have done that and>> also I get the same>>>> runtime error>>>> in the same source file:>>>>>>>>>>>> C:\cm3-cvs\cm3\m3-libs\m3core>CM3>>>> --- building in NT386 --->>>>>>>> ignoring ..\src\m3overrides>>>>>>>> new source -> compiling RTHooks.i3>>>> new source -> compiling RT0.i3>>>> new source -> compiling RuntimeError.i3>>>> new source -> compiling
 Word.i3>>>> new source -> compiling RTException.i3>>>> new  source -> compiling RTHooks.m3>>>> new source -> compiling RT0.m3>>>> new source -> compiling Compiler.i3>>>> new source -> compiling RuntimeError.m3>>>> new source -> compiling Compiler.m3>>>> new source -> compiling RTAllocator.i3>>>> new source -> compiling RTType.i3>>>> new source -> compiling Csetjmp.i3>>>> new source -> compiling BasicCtypes.i3>>>> new source -> compiling Ctypes.i3>>>> new source -> compiling RTMachine.i3>>>> new source -> compiling RTHeapDep.i3>>>> new source -> compiling RTHeapRep.i3>>>> new source -> compiling ThreadF.i3>>>> new source -> compiling RTOS.i3>>>> new source
 -> compiling RTMisc.i3>>>> new source -> compiling RTHeap.i3>>>> new source -> compiling Cstdlib.i3>>>> new source -> compiling Cstddef.i3>>>> new source -> compiling RTAllocCnts.i3>>>> new source -> compiling RTAllocator.m3>>>> new  source -> compiling RTAllocStats.i3>>>> new source -> compiling Convert.i3>>>> new source -> compiling TextClass.i3>>>> new source -> compiling Text.i3>>>> new source -> compiling RTProcedureSRC.i3>>>> new source -> compiling Fingerprint.i3>>>> new source -> compiling RTProcedure.i3>>>> new source -> compiling RTStack.i3>>>> new source -> compiling RTAllocStats.m3>>>> "..\src\runtime\common\RTAllocStats.m3", line>> 46: undefined
 runtime>>>> symbol !! (R>>>> THooks.AllocateTracedRef)>>>>>>>>>>>> ***>>>> *** runtime error:>>>> *** Attempt to reference an illegal memory>> location.>>>> *** pc = 0x4c4a0d = StartCall + 0xf in>> ..\src\values\Procedure.m3>>>> ***>>>>>>>> Stack trace:>>>> FP PC Procedure>>>> --------- --------->> ------------------------------->>>> 0x12f494 0x60b3ce SystemError + 0x66 in>> ..\src\runtime\NT386>>>> \RTSignal.m3>>>> 0x12f4c4  0x4c4a0d StartCall + 0xf in>> ..\src\values\Procedure.m3>>>> 0x12f524 0x51beb8 GenRecord + 0x73 in>> ..\src\builtinOps\New.m3>>>> 0x12f58c 0x51b8a3 GenRef + 0x111 in>>
 ..\src\builtinOps\New.m3>>>> 0x12f5c8 0x51b70f Gen + 0x12d in>> ..\src\builtinOps\New.m3>>>> 0x12f5e0 0x51b4a3 Prep + 0x15 in>> ..\src\builtinOps\New.m3>>>> 0x12f600 0x550f08 Prep + 0x75 in>> ..\src\exprs\CallExpr.m3>>>> 0x12f61c 0x54312d Prep + 0x54 in>> ..\src\exprs\Expr.m3>>>> 0x12f63c 0x544d7f PrepForEmit + 0x81 in>> ..\src\stmts\AssignStmt.m3>>>> 0x12f66c 0x54453b Compile + 0xd6 in>> ..\src\stmts\AssignStmt.m3>>>> ......... ......... ... more frames ...>>>>>>>> C:\cm3-cvs\cm3\m3-libs\m3core>>>>>> You need to recompile m3core before compiling>> with the new>>> compiler.>>>>>>>>> On Sep 18, 2007, at 5:29 PM, Daniel Alejandro>> Benavides D.
 wrote:>>>>>>>>> Hi all:>>>>> Im getting this runtiem error because the>> symbol>>>>>>>>>>  missing version stamps -> compiling>> RTAllocStats.m3>>>>> "..\src\runtime\common\RTAllocStats.m3", line>> 46: undefined>>> runtime>>>>> symbol !! (R>>>>> THooks.AllocateTracedRef)>>>>>>>>>> AllocateTracedRef is not defined in the m3core>> version

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