[M3devel] proposal for dealing with lazy console--please review and comment!

Jay jayk123 at hotmail.com
Thu Jun 19 10:04:12 CEST 2008

set CM3_ConsoleBehavior=4.1
console behavior still changed
m3guiapp @M3ConsoleBehavior=4.1
console behavior back to "default"
 - Jay> Date: Thu, 19 Jun 2008 08:55:10 +0200> From: wagner at elegosoft.com> To: m3devel at elegosoft.com> Subject: Re: [M3devel] proposal for dealing with lazy console--please review and comment!> > Quoting Jay <jayk123 at hotmail.com>:> > > Randy, just because the initialization happens early does not mean > > you can't affect the behavior later. The type can be changed at > > initialization time, and then the instance configured later. Unless > > you are worried about other module initializers ignorantly calling > > stdout.Wr() and causing the console to appear? If so, yeah.> >> > How about @M3 command line parameters instead?> > At least they aren't "sticky" and can be more easily localized to a > > single process.> What does sticky mean here?> > > I ignore sh's feature here usually, and in this case that makes good sense
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