[M3devel] The undefined ROOT problem, rebuilding cm3

Jay jay.krell at cornell.edu
Fri Nov 14 02:44:44 CET 2008

I don't know, but something doesn't seem right.
D:\cm3>dir /s/b bund* *ov* *temp* *tmp*...
if defined("M3BUNDLE")  _M3BUNDLE = M3BUNDLEelse  _M3BUNDLE = BIN_USE & SL & "m3bundle"end
D:\dev2\cm3.2>dir /s/b /a-d bund*tmp*D:\dev2\cm3.2\doc\help\gen_html\libm3\src\bundleintf\bundle.tmpl.htmlD:\dev2\cm3.2\m3-libs\libm3\src\bundleintf\bundle-ov.tmplD:\dev2\cm3.2\m3-libs\libm3\src\bundleintf\bundle.tmpl
:\dev2\cm3.2>dir /s/b /a-d bund*tmp*:\dev2\cm3.2\doc\help\gen_html\libm3\src\bundleintf\bundle.tmpl.html:\dev2\cm3.2\m3-libs\libm3\src\bundleintf\bundle-ov.tmpl:\dev2\cm3.2\m3-libs\libm3\src\bundleintf\bundle.tmpl
if defined("M3BUNDLE")  _M3BUNDLE = M3BUNDLEelse  _M3BUNDLE = format(ROOT & SL & "m3-tools" & SL & "m3bundle" & SL & "%s" &                     SL & "m3bundle", BUILD_DIR)  M3BUNDLE = _M3BUNDLEend
 => this file requires ROOT or M3BUNDLE like you say, but this isn't normally used.
D:\dev2\cm3.2>dir /s/b m3makefile | findstr /i bundleintfD:\dev2\cm3.2\m3-libs\libm3\src\bundleintf\m3makefile
if defined("_M3BUNDLE_OVERRIDE")  template  ("bundle-ov")endtemplate  ("bundle")
You defined _M3BUNDLE_OVERRIDE somewhere along the way?
Try replacing the one file with the other..
 - Jay> Date: Thu, 13 Nov 2008 17:29:17 -0600> From: rodney.bates at wichita.edu> To: m3devel at elegosoft.com> Subject: [M3devel] The undefined ROOT problem, rebuilding cm3> > Here is how the undefined ROOT problem happens when trying to rebuild> cm3 with itself.> > I had been making the assumption that commands build, ship, clean, when> supplied to the do-cm3-*.sh scripts, did the same things as -build,> -ship, -clean supplied to the cm3 command. Not so.> > build actually does cm3 -build -override, as do buildlocal and empty> commands to the scripts. clean does cm3 -clean -override, as does cleanlocal.> There is a buildglobal command that does -build without -override, but> it also does a ship as well. There appears to be no way to just build,> without either overriding or shipping.> > So, I have been running do-cm3-*.sh with no argument (and sometimes build).> This starts a chain of events that eventually leads to an installed libm3> that always executes quake script bundle-ov.tmpl, and it requires that> either M3BUNDLE or ROOT be defined, neither of which normally is. This> will happen trying to compile any program that uses libm3, which is just> about everything.> > We should document this somewhere.
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