[M3devel] duplicated code?

Jay jay.krell at cornell.edu
Sun Nov 16 17:18:40 CET 2008

Er, the large allocation does come from the gc itself.
Tony, is there is an assumption that the heap is contiguous?That calls to RTOS.GetMemory return adjacent addresses?
This code allocates a large array:
    IF desc = NIL OR newSideSpan # NUMBER(desc^) THEN      WITH newDesc = NEW(UNTRACED REF ARRAY OF Desc, newSideSpan) DO
I'll know more shortly.
I guess..it looks like the heap can be discontiguous, but
we do record keeping for what it all spans.
The comments say:
(* The array desc and the global variables p0, and p1 describe the pages   that are part of the traced heap.  Either p0 and p1 are equal to Nil and   no pages are allocated; or both are valid pages and page p is allocated   iff
|          p0 <= p < p1|      AND desc[p - p0] != Unallocated
Grow (0x44000) => 0x2b1e45256000   total: 1.5M
GetUntracedOpenArray(0x1a80)   span: 6.6M   density: 24%stubgen: Processing RemoteView.TGetUntracedOpenArray(0x3f0)t1:0xct2:0xat3:0x1Grow (0x52000) => 0x2aaaaaaab000   total: 1.8M
I have GetUntracedOpenArray printing how many bytes it is asked for.
t1,t2,t3 are just the lengths of the strings being concatented.
Grow(x)=>y means Grow allocated x bytes at address y.
So now, these two addresses 0x2aaaaaaab000 and 0x2b1e45256000  are very far apart, like 400gig.
And it seems the heap allocator wants to allocate an array to describe the pages.
Hm. Page size is no longer tied to the underlying system -- no longer vm-tied gc.
Perhaps perhaps blowing it up, to say, 1meg, will address this?
But really, an array to describe pages spanning the results of separate memory allocations, seems wrong.
A sparser data structure would be good, that could describe arbitrary sized runs of pages as being in the same state.
 - Jay

From: jay.krell at cornell.eduTo: m3devel at elegosoft.comDate: Sun, 16 Nov 2008 15:31:25 +0000Subject: [M3devel] duplicated code?

Anyone want to clean up this duplicity?  D:\dev2\cm3.2>dir /s/b asttotype.m3  StubCode.m3D:\dev2\cm3.2\m3-comm\sharedobjgen\src\AstToType.m3D:\dev2\cm3.2\m3-comm\stubgen\src\AstToType.m3D:\dev2\cm3.2\m3-db\stablegen\src\AstToType.m3D:\dev2\cm3.2\m3-comm\sharedobjgen\src\StubCode.m3D:\dev2\cm3.2\m3-comm\stubgen\src\StubCode.m3 somewhere in there, AMD64_LINUX tries to allocate a lot of memory, and failseither there or soon thereafter.The garbage collector is working.  - Jay
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