[M3devel] threads are broken on Windows

Randy Coleburn rcoleburn at scires.com
Wed Dec 2 23:17:55 CET 2009

Something is wrong with threads on Windows from the HEAD branch.
After checking out HEAD and rebuilding everything, cm3IDE crashes with the following message:
*** runtime error:
***    <*ASSERT*> failed.
***    file "..\src\thread\WIN32\ThreadWin32.m3", line 768

Stack trace:
   FP         PC      Procedure
---------  ---------  -------------------------------
0x2e0fcec   0x4f420d  ProcessStacks + 0x80 in ..\src\thread\WIN32\ThreadWin32.m3
0x2e0fd40   0x4fbee0  CollectSomeInStateZero + 0x304 in ..\src\runtime\common\RTCollector.m3
0x2e0fd54   0x4fbba0  CollectSome + 0x6e in ..\src\runtime\common\RTCollector.m3
0x2e0fd98   0x4fb837  CollectEnough + 0x9b in ..\src\runtime\common\RTCollector.m3
0x2e0fdd8   0x4f73bc  AllocTraced + 0xd7 in ..\src\runtime\common\RTAllocator.m3
0x2e0fe0c   0x4f69d3  GetTracedObj + 0x8c in ..\src\runtime\common\RTAllocator.m3
0x2e0fe30   0x4f64cd  AllocateTracedObj + 0x15 in ..\src\runtime\common\RTAllocator.m3
0x2e0fe58   0x4547a9  New + 0x19 in ..\src\misc\LineWr.m3
0x2e0ff20   0x45328a  DoBrowse + 0x41 in ..\src\misc\Display.m3
0x2e0ff60   0x4f34b5  RunThread + 0x189 in ..\src\thread\WIN32\ThreadWin32.m3
.........  .........  ... more frames ...
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