[M3devel] Architecture descriptions of software/hardware in Modula-2+

Daniel Alejandro Benavides D. dabenavidesd at yahoo.es
Sun Apr 24 22:47:28 CEST 2011

Hi all:
using google found this ftp directory (Modula2+ VAX):


If DEC guys allowed to read and copy this is because they worked not just its products, but also their specifications, would be nice to see the Time modules explained in:

If it's of enterprise and historical (academic) interest language could gain recognition from that, I mean they founded several open source projects back in time, which became later de-facto standards, it would be nice to see if this is of enough interest of their internal sources (can't forget Modula-3 was just one of them).

They further developed Modula2+ into Modula2+Epsilon, which could be said to be a Modula3 in house brother if so.

Furthermore there is a private source code library of internal design/layout chips components, later things could show they did watch to continue some of their work of prior language(s) or of its younger brother. See:


Anyway this might be seen as a history on programming languages PhD project or so and computers if so (my CS professor told DEC machines were able to be specified to some large extent by its consumers and it seems by their producers too e.g like VAXstations). I never had the opportunity of doing something like that, perhaps computers have change, or like most people has changed, interesting ...

Thanks in advance

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