[M3devel] Yet Another OS in Modula-3, AVOCA, in x-kernel

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Hi all:
Dr. Nelson (of course by the time of his thesis was the pinnacle of AI developments) was and is very ahead of its time (still you can argue that).
Of course ESC/Modula-3 and specifically data abstraction and information hiding verification is so much ahead of our times, that is anything but using the available technology is as many years as DEC-SRC collaborators on ESC programmers plus a number of years of that had not been available.
By that time say in many years we would have a complete system if we were enough smart to scale it to network object verification technology, etc. And consider x-kernel influenced by DEC-SRC Taos, etc, so if you add both sums, I happen to think that is is already ahead of its time. Also consider, several DEC-SRC members are Turing awards and who know whom more by the time we finish it.

Thanks in advance

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I agree based on the year, it is probably not very valuable.
It is also, I'm sorry, "just" a Ph. D. thesis. It might be a big complete working system.
It might be a barely working prototype, just enough to suggest some lessons learned.
Either way, please remember, that some of the critical parts of an operating
system are drivers, and their surrounding framework.
There are some less-driver related aspects, like a file system, a networking stack, a scheduler.
It is a lot of work. A lot.
I have to run.
 - Jay 
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Hi all:
How can you say a 20 years time is not a small gap, did you consider that by this time we had been on 20 years of Software Crisis (as we happen to have today, and yet GNU/Linux was created by that time), yet this guys new we had something to do in Optical Fiber high speed networks, and also 10 years of artificial intelligence lack of invention by the time (as we had 30 years a couple of years ago of productivity-less research).
So basically this time is reduced for me if you consider the previous times also a little, but anyway, I give you a better answer if one doesn't know who used it? What is that suppose to mean, that nobody used it?
The same is true for the 30 of lack of artificial intelligence and 40 years of software crisis, if we don't get things done quickly will be arriving at a software  "fiasco", where everything on it is
 usable, and system perform quickly than never but can't get systems to work in a efficient fashion (CPU overheating).

Thanks in advance 

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On Sat, Dec 3, 2011 at 4:58 PM, Daniel Alejandro Benavides D. <dabenavidesd at yahoo.es> wrote:

Hi all:

whether we want it or not, perhaps the best opportunity we have is already a complete operating operating system developed in Modula-3 for developing network applications in http://arizona.openrepository.com/arizona/bitstream/10150/185158/1/azu_td_9103022_sip1_m.pdf

whether you like it or not that OS is probably incompatible with everything out there, and is probably unsuitable for production work.but perhap's I'm just being mean for the sake of being mean

let's have a look at it.


oh, goodie!an article 20 years old.or, 200, in internet years.

I've lost interest already.
after further examination, I can see it is not only ancient, is seems to be very interesting...
however, don't you have anything, more recent?,

as in, not previous-century?

 for Linux, OSF, etc, under the x-kernel.

Can we create a branch to develop operating system engine line (you know we don't need any more platforms if we happen to have what is really on any network environment a browser and a file system service), for developing GUIs, things and everybody could license it in whatever license whoever wants to use it might be used safely in any environment, you don't like DEC licenses appearance OK, but for me but if anyone likes them then he can develop in a system that still runs code in a DEC environment and then since everything are objects moving around like process one can define them absolutely license-independent.

I think OS developers in everywhere would love it (I remember an OOP class, where the class Prof. was explaining whether creating an OS  would be called a good class final project, and he seemed to think it wasn't, based on a former classmate of him thought that it was).

If we could create an enough smart environment then one could think in that again. I know several browsers including one outside of DEC that would be appealing to accomplish the work (yes a complete browser engine system in Modula-3).

And the project will be hosting the Obliq based tools in that browser for others as well, but mainly educational/research services for anyone in the net with a bright idea for a system application or just want to experiment with a Modula-3 Obliq super-optimizer at source level or whatever want to do it separately as well:


See for example see for M-F4 and G-V8:


Thanks in advance

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