[M3devel] Just to prove I've been paying attention for a long time

Mark Wickens mark at wickensonline.co.uk
Mon Jan 17 01:01:36 CET 2011

Thought this might bring a little nostalgia for some - it certainly did 
for me!
Although I only dabbled in Modula-3 I did listen in to the mailing list 
of the time...

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Subject: Re: Modula3 Postcard under Linux Slackware 3.0
Date: Mon, 13 Nov 95 11:58:44 -0800


You asked:

 > However, it is dying in linking Postcard because it can't find
 > getdirentries. I'm not surprised that the linker can't find it,
 > because I can't find it either. (There is an extern definition in the
 > header file, but it doesn't seem to be in any of the libraries.) Am I
 > missing it somewhere? Is there a newer version of libc that actually
 > has getdirentries?

We've fixed the "getdirentries" problem in the sources at SRC, so it
should be included in the next release. In the meantime, you can fix
the problem yourself by removing the following declarations from the
file named "src/OSUtils.m3" in the "postcard" package:

FROM Utypes IMPORT u_short, ino_t;

   MaxDirNameLen = 64;

   DirEntry = RECORD    (* directory types somehow missing from Unix.i3 *)
     d_ino: ino_t;
     d_reclen: u_short;
     d_namelen: u_short;
     d_name: ARRAY [0..MaxDirNameLen-1] OF CHAR;

PROCEDURE OldEnumerate (path: Text.T): TextList.T RAISES {FileError} =
     head: TextList.T := NIL;
     tail, this: TextList.T;
     t: TEXT;
     length: int;
     buffer: ARRAY [0..1023] OF CHAR;
     de: UNTRACED REF DirEntry;
     pbase: long;
     i: INTEGER;
     p := ConvertPath(path);
     f := Unix.open(p, Unix.O_RDONLY, 0);
     IF f < 0 THEN RAISE FileError(ErrorMessage(Uerror.errno)); END;
         length := Unix.getdirentries(
           f, ADR(buffer), BYTESIZE(buffer), pbase);
         IF length < 0 THEN RAISE FileError(ErrorMessage(Uerror.errno)); 
         IF length = 0 THEN EXIT; END;
         i := 0;
           de := LOOPHOLE(ADR(buffer[i]), UNTRACED REF DirEntry);
           IF (de^.d_ino # 0) THEN
             t := M3toC.CopyStoT (ADR(de^.d_name));
             IF NOT (Text.Equal (t, ".") OR Text.Equal (t, "..")) THEN
               this := TextList.Cons(t, NIL);
               IF head = NIL THEN
                 head := this;
                 tail.tail := this;
               tail := this;
           INC(i, de^.d_reclen);
           IF i >= length THEN EXIT; END;
       EVAL Unix.close(f);
     RETURN head
   END OldEnumerate;

The call to "getdirentries" is in the "OldEnumerate" procedure, but
that procedure is never called. The other IMPORT, CONST, and TYPE
declarations are only used by "OldEnumerate", so they should be removed
to keep the compiler from issuing a warning.

Let me know if you apply this patch and still have any problems.

- Allan

Allan Heydon                           Digital Equipment Corporation
heydon at pa.dec.com                      Systems Research Center
(415) 853-2142                         130 Lytton Avenue
(415) 853-2104 (FAX)                   Palo Alto, CA 94301

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