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felipe valdez felipevaldez at gmail.com
Tue Jun 28 18:46:43 CEST 2011

2011/6/28 <m3devel-request at elegosoft.com>
> Quoting felipe valdez <felipevaldez at gmail.com>:
> > in an interesting conversation with a friend of mine, we compared GO and
> > Modula-3
> > I said that the main difference, is that the GO people want their
> language
> > used by other people, but the Modula-3 people seemed too busy to try to
> grow
> > the community, by providing an easy to use installer on windows.
> And this would help? :-)

I think so, since it would lower the entry bar.

> > this lead me to think hard, because, I'm not sure of what efforts have
> been
> > made, to grow the community.
> >
> > is anybody in this list actively working on this?
> Probably not.
> None of the regular users seems to have both time and interest for
> much advertising.

this is a very sad thing to hear.
I wonder why...

> > is having a larger modula3 community, desirable?
> Of course it is; any help in keeping m3 alive is much appreciated.
> But you cannot command support in an open source project; people
> will just do what interests them.

this I guess is just true of any Open source project,
which leads me to think really hard about,
given this fact, how did it get so large and complex at all!

in fact how did any OS project did got like that!

it must really be in the interest of some people!

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