[M3devel] How to install cm3 at a nonstandard location

Olaf Wagner wagner at elegosoft.com
Tue Mar 29 09:18:52 CEST 2011

Quoting "Rodney M. Bates" <rodney_bates at lcwb.coop>:

> I tried to build cm3 head and install at /usr/local/cm3-head.
> From the installation notes, I set environment variable
> CM3_INSTALL to this path.  After fixing several failures
> involving merges by cvs, I discovered it had been putting
> things into /usr/local/cm3, where I have the latest cm3
> release, giving me a mixture of stuff from the head and
> the release, which I certainly don't trust.
> I was building instead of using cminstall, like the the install
> notes were referring to.  However, before I started, I found
> code in scripts/sysinfo.sh setting up CM3_INSTALL to the default,
> unless already set, which I took to mean this was the way to
> do it when building too.
> I did double and triple check my spelling and value of
> CM3_INSTALL, before and after the failed builds.
> So how do I get this to work?
> This was on LINUXLIBC6.

It certainly used to work, but scripts have changed much in recent
years, and some people rather use python or Windows' cmd scripts etc.

I always need to make sure myself when I try something like that again.
The main thing to look for is the central configuration file or
the set of configuration files that the builder reads. These are
quake scripts of course, and I think there's INSTALL_ROOT.

The current cm3.cfg seems to use a combination of CM3_INSTALL and

1.1       jkrell     14: proc CM3SetInstallRoot() is
                      15:     if defined("INSTALL_ROOT")
                      16:         return
                      17:     end
                      18:     if not equal ($CM3_INSTALL, "")
                      19:         INSTALL_ROOT = $CM3_INSTALL
                      20:         return
                      21:     end
                      22:     INSTALL_ROOT = (path() & SL & "..")
                      23: end

Of course this file may look completely different if you've got an
older installed version of cm3...

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