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Dragiša Durić dragisha at m3w.org
Thu Aug 23 21:59:46 CEST 2012

I have RTInfo module we developed years ago to parse .M3WEB. Good enough? :) But, not a solution, it is easier to write as I wrote in example I used to illustrate problem.

GCC not obeying packing instructions is like… GCC not working in lot of cases. For some reason, I don't believe in it.

Hint, gm2 is GCC based compiler. And supports very precise packing/aligning rules.

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Dragiša Durić
dragisha at m3w.org

On Aug 23, 2012, at 9:51 PM, Mika Nystrom wrote:

> Well I don't think Jay said that bytes couldn't be unpacked in Modula-3
> (you can just use Word for that).
> But I think the point was that a compiler back-end might not necessarily
> obey your packing instructions?
> Here's what I think you should do... it would be super useful, both to
> you and other people in the future.  And completely independent of
> compilers.
> Write a something-or-other that uses m3tk to read your RECORD type
> spec, plus pragmas of your own choice (or comments, or auxiliary data
> from somewhere) and then generates code using Word.T that can process
> byte streams and return the RECORD you declared, in portable Modula-3.
> I doubt it's very difficult.  m3tk is cool!
>    Mika
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>> I have a friend, working for large software company and he just recently =
>> ported some message router from SPARC to Linux/Intel=85 Lots of "network =
>> order" data, same as with my current projects. Network, communication in =
>> general, network order is everywhere.
>> Insisting on some god-given data ordering is a bit=85 What is nice word =
>> here? :) Outlandish? Outimeish?
>> This is not first time I started discussion like this here. Every single =
>> time Jay explains to me how Modula-3 cannot handle it. I am handling it, =
>> as I have shown in my example, with Modula-3 code. With a bit of effort =
>> I can make it almost-transparent (subfolder/platform) over various =
>> platforms. Of course, as I am developing a full product (not software to =
>> be run on arbitrary platform) I don't have to worry about too many =
>> platforms. One is enough here, but I still think Modula-3 can benefit, =
>> and a lot, if it supported explicit byte/bit ordering/packing/aligning =
>> pragmas.
>> Also, unlike GCC, pointer alignment in Modula-3 is 64bit on x86_64. It =
>> is 32bit in GCC, and x86_64 is totally happy with it. Wr have 64bit so =
>> we must write piece of software in C to be what? Compatible with API's =
>> all systems are compatible with without any hassle.=20
>> TIA
>> --
>> Divided by a common language
>> Dragi=9Aa Duri=E6
>> dragisha at m3w.org

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