[M3devel] packing problem… how exactly does modula-3 pack data into records?? … "solved"

Dragiša Durić dragisha at m3w.org
Fri Jan 20 22:59:34 CET 2012

Ok, it is your standpoint. I don't share it. 

Right now my problem is solved. If I encounter its variation again, I'l fix it for myself.

Excuse "C does it too" does not ring too Modulee for me :).


On Jan 20, 2012, at 7:11 PM, Jay wrote:

> As in C, if you need portability and predictability, just don't use bitfields. Use integer types of size 8, 16, 32, or possibly 64 bits, and do the appropriate shifting and masking, possibly endian-dependent.
> Actually, to avoid endian and packing/alignment concerns, use only 8 bit integers and optionally pack/unpack into more convenient types.
> - Jay (phone)

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