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Daniel Alejandro Benavides D. dabenavidesd at yahoo.es
Mon Dec 2 00:19:32 CET 2013

Hi all:
another turn around solution for this is to use the qt port developed by by Peter Mckinna. I'm interested in the event Model and signal and slot system, perhaps Peter can guide us through where it is now and where it should be. This will give us free access menu and buttons style in either Win or U*ix platforms. Personally I will base my further developments In Qt, trestle is a small toolkit developed by super minds, but honestly we don't have too much of a parallel system to gain much of its features.

Thanks in advance

El Domingo 1 de diciembre de 2013 3:47, Elmar Stellnberger <estellnb at elstel.org> escribió:

Am 30.11.2013 17:02, schrieb Rodney M. Bates:
> The en/decoders are available in one-code-point-per-call forms, as well
> as in filters that are semantically almost identical to Wr and Rd, which
> work on whole streams, with a constant encoding.  The latter, in front of
> TextWr/TextRd would probably make it easy to interface to any GUI library
> that uses in-memory UTF-8, etc.
> It also would not be hard to make these work with 16-bit WIDECHAR, with
> any input coded beyond UFFFF converted to the standard Unicode 
> replacement
> UFFFD.  It sounds like you would be unlikely to use such values.
Yes, for that project I just need letters up to 0xFFFF i.e. latin-1 and -7.
Currently I have copied a keyboard translation into 
that will give me greek chracters on [AltGr][Letter]. Nonetheless the 
Windows implementation of the simulator suffices without such a trick 
it can intercept the [AltGr] keystrokes. I have not evaluated yet 
whether the
current VBT input form would allow a similar mechanism.
> How soon do you need to start?
It would be good if that was available until January so that I can 
approach to
finish my work until February. Fortunately there is some work which I could
do in advance at least if the interfaces should not change radically. At 
I should have some result at the beginning of March.

Thanks for your effort,

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