[M3devel] Bare Metal Modula-3

Daniel Alejandro Benavides D. dabenavidesd at yahoo.es
Fri Jan 4 19:46:45 CET 2013

Hi all:
I think you just need runtime executive on top a machine would be enough.
For instance VAXELN. 
Problem is you would need realtime core services at the language level (somehow SPIN services with no protection overhead caused by language).
Memory managament.  and threading are core services in VAXELN as part of system, just need bindings for each language.
I guess you need and advanced distributed realtime system. Such was VMS 5 for rtVAX9000:

My hypothesis is that you can't bring up a realtime application in an embedded device like you want.
I know of realtime OS in Modula-3, there must be several ones I guess, based on what I have researched but you can not trust whether they are embedded, that's the problem.
Thanks in advance

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I'm interested in deploying M3 into a kind-of embedded environment where efficiency and performance are key and I want to avoid installing an OS beyond a simple supervisor that manages the hardware. 

The services needed are threading, memory allocation and network access. I'm figuring the first two already exist in M3 and a network stack can be found.

The question I have is can all of the OS specific runtime can be removed? Beyond maybe a timer and possibly some memory protection functionality, what does M3 need to run threading and garbage collection?

- Darko

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