[M3devel] Information about record/object field name.

Coleburn, Randy rcolebur at SCIRES.COM
Tue Jan 29 22:42:42 CET 2013

I think you may be referring to m3browser.

Also, CM3IDE has the capability to generate and browse a web of your Modula-3 software source code.

--Randy Coleburn

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The files are generated by the compiler and are meant for an M3 tool which I forget the name of, I also forget where I got the details of the file from. I'll try to dig it up, or I may have guessed the format. Others on the list maybe have more information.

On Jan 28, 2013, at 1:28 PM, Alexey Veselovsky wrote:

> Where I can read about m3web files? What is it?
> On 28.01.2013, at 23:16, Darko <darko at darko.org> wrote:
>> Another way to do it is to parse the .M3WEB file. See the Load procedure in the attached module for clues (unfortunately it has some dependencies into my code but they're fairly obvious). It takes as a parameter the .M3WEB file from the build directory.
>> <TypeInfo.i3>
>> <TypeInfo.m3>
>> On Jan 28, 2013, at 9:30 AM, Alexey Veselovsky wrote:
>>> Hello.
>>> It is possible to retrieve field names for given Record or Object type?
>>> I need it for json serializer.
>>> Also this information useful for creating field-order independent serializer.
>>> Thanks, Alexey.

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