[M3devel] layout of objects?

Jay K jay.krell at cornell.edu
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tangent: Shouldn't the methods and header/typeinfo be combined?
Or is the header mutable and per-object?

But, yeah, my point is more to understand, not to question or change.

Thank you,
 - Jay

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Subject: Re: [M3devel] layout of objects?

It's not m3front, it's RT0.
First data field is at offset 0, and pointer to type information is at -BYTESIZE(POINTER). Type information records are specified in RT0.

On Mar 22, 2013, at 5:56 AM, Jay K wrote:layout of objects?

How are Modula-3 objects layed out?
I skimmed m3front and it wasn't obvious.

A common way for C++ "objects" to be layed out,
in the face of no RTTI and only single inheritance,
and virtual functions, is that a pointer to a record
of function pointers is first in the record.

Like this:

class Type
virtual void F1();
virtual void F2();
int data1;
int data2;

ends up lik more this:

struct TypeFunctions
 void (*F1)(Type*);
 void (*F2)(Type*);

struct Type
TypeFunctions* Functions; /* always first,
or at least a fixed offset, and located independent
of the size of the data; could also be at "-1" or such */.
int data1;
int data2;

Type* x;


Functions added in more derived types go at the end.
Ditto for data.
In the absence of multiple-inheritance and RTTI, it is simple and predictable.
(RTTI makes only small modifications.)

Looking through m3front, it wasn't at all obvious if it works this way.

I would like to declare something in C (or possibly C++, but not likely),
such that I might actually recognize the various low level operations
and "uncompile" it back to a typeful/typesafe form, like the above C++
to C transform.

I can't likely uncompile to C++ with virtual functions,
because the actual layout in C++ is not guaranteed.

Granted, I am being lazy.
I should/could compile some small samples.
But I might not get the entire story that way.

- Jay

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