[M3devel] caltech-parser test build error

Coleburn, Randy rcolebur at SCIRES.COM
Sun Sep 29 23:44:24 CEST 2013

I'm getting a build error for "caltech-parser\parserlib\parserlib\test".  (See below.)
I'm not real familiar with this package, but the problem seems to be a path problem in invoking "ktok.exe".

In the output below, the path being requested is:

I think this path should instead be:

Or, alternately, if one wanted the "ktok.exe" in "bin", the path should be:

The choice of path seems to be coming from a template file, but it isn't dealing properly with the location of the source tree (which could be rooted anywhere desired; mine is rooted at C:\cm3\Sandbox\cm3).

Does anyone know if this package builds properly on other systems?  If so, perhaps the template needs adjusting for NT386.  Otherwise, there is a problem common to all platforms that should be repaired.

Here is the output of my attempt to build this package:

--- building in ..\NT386 ---

ignoring ..\src\m3overrides

C:\cm3\caltech-parser\parserlib\ktok\NT386\ktok ..\src\Calc.t -o CalcTok.i3
C:\cm3\caltech-parser\parserlib\ktok\NT386\ktok ..\src\Calc.t -o CalcTok.i3
The system cannot find the path specified.
"C:\cm3\pkg\cit_util\src\generics.tmpl", line 38: quake runtime error: exit 1: C:\cm3\caltech-parser\parserlib\ktok\NT386\ktok ..\src\Calc.t -o CalcTok.i3

--procedure--  -line-  -file---
exec               --  <builtin>
_exec              38  C:\cm3\pkg\cit_util\src\generics.tmpl
_xCons             37  C:\cm3\pkg\parserlib\src\parser.tmpl
_tCons             70  C:\cm3\pkg\parserlib\src\parser.tmpl
_tConsUn           71  C:\cm3\pkg\parserlib\src\parser.tmpl
token              73  C:\cm3\pkg\parserlib\src\parser.tmpl
include_dir         4  C:\cm3\Sandbox\cm3\caltech-parser\parserlib\parserlib\test\src\m3makefile
                    4  C:\cm3\Sandbox\cm3\caltech-parser\parserlib\parserlib\test\NT386\m3make.args

Fatal Error: package build failed

Randy Coleburn

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