[M3devel] Another issue...

mika at async.caltech.edu mika at async.caltech.edu
Wed Aug 13 09:03:04 CEST 2014

There have been problems with this before.

libm3 had two interfaces LongrealType and RealType.

There are comments to the effect they were moved to m3core.  That's fine.

But what I see at the head---I think---is that they were removed from the m3makefile for libm3, never moved to m3core/types, and certainly never put in the m3core m3makefile.

As a result a lot of my private code is breaking, which uses LongrealType.T in instantiated generics.

My fix is to uncomment the include of "types" in libm3.

Not sure why it is the way it is at head.


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