[M3devel] pthreads committed to git

dragisha at m3w.org dragisha at m3w.org
Tue Aug 26 11:01:49 CEST 2014

You can see on github what went through. There are some RSS feed to be 
used for notification automation, no emails as far as I can see.

To ensure changes are commited, you need to "git add" changed files, and 
then "git commit" added files. After that "git push" will finish this. 
You can first "git add" all changed files, of course, and this way all 
will go through as single commit.

There can be a conflict at "git push" in case someone did something 
conflicting with your changes remotely. Not right now, most probably, 
and you just need to do a "git pull" before "git push" to do merge 
locally. As I said, right now this will most probably be without 
conflict - not many people are changing.

I will try to explain workflows as soon as I get some time.


On 26.08.2014 09:52, mika at async.caltech.edu wrote:
> Hi m3devel,
> I just pushed---I think---the fixed version of ThreadPThread.m3 to 
> github.
> There is no m3commit email from this?
> I (and I'm sure Tony too) am very curious to hear if this makes things
> worse on any OS.  (E.g., if it causes the pthreads to freeze.)  It 
> works
> perfectly on my AMD64_LINUX system: fork, memory allocation, 
> everything.
> Now to figure out whether the garbage collector bits can be sped up a 
> bit.
>      Mika

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