[M3devel] REFANY-keyed tables?

JC Chu jcchu at acm.org
Thu Feb 27 02:37:09 CET 2014

Refany.Hash() simply raises a Refany.Error, which is marked as fatal.  And the comment for it in Refany.i3 does state that it “causes a checked runtime error”.  (Same for Refany.Compare() (rather than Refany.Equal(), as I previously said).)

— JC Chu
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Sounds like some sort of build error.  What is the exception?

On Feb 26, 2014, at 12:08 PM, JC Chu <jcchu at acm.org> wrote:

> Hi,
> I need a REFANY-to-INTEGER table in my program but RefIntTbl.Default is giving me runtime errors.  Apparently Table(Key, Value) uses Key.Equal() and Key.Hash(), but those procedures in Refany, which is use to instantiate RefIntTbl, both raise a fatal exception.
> I’m a bit confused since a number of REFANY-keyed tables are shipped with CM3.  Is this actually the expected behavior or am I doing anything wrong?
> Thanks.
> — JC Chu

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