[M3devel] Stuck on adding new cm3 target (AMD64_DRAGONFLY)

John Marino adacore at marino.st
Fri Jan 24 10:11:02 CET 2014

On 1/24/2014 09:45, Jay K wrote:
> sorry, I'm delayed..so much to do..
> I commited the networking fix..
> The m3core/unix one I think we already have.
> Later...
>  - Jay

Right, but there's no downloadable source snapshot.  And if the
DragonFly support isn't in there, I'll have to carry all those patches
too.  So my goal is to have a few patches as possible.

Anyway, I have to base the port on something -- pulling latest SVN is
rarely done, and CVS is never done.  Some github projects don't make
releases and needed to be pulled directly, but this requires first git
to be built (lots of dependencies) and then github tweaks their service
and everything fails.  So I'm a big believer in static compressed

Which means I can't update FreeBSD cm3 version until one exists.
theoretically I can package one myself, but it looks better if it's
"official" and comes from one of the known m3 websites.


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