[M3devel] elego prjm build error

Coleburn, Randy rcolebur at SCIRES.COM
Wed Oct 1 22:58:54 CEST 2014

Does anyone know what could be causing the following error?
The TimePrjDescTbl.i3 is an interface created by the standard Table() m3makefile directive.
The error indicates a missing export and/or bad version stamps, yet this happens when doing a complete rebuild of everything, and this is one of the last packages to be built.

--- processing package "elego\prjm" ---
--- purging derived files from NT386 ---

--- cleaning NT386 ---

ignoring ..\src\m3overrides

--- building in NT386 ---

ignoring ..\src\m3overrides

C:\cm3\bin\m3bundle -name ProjectManagerBundle -element UsageHelp ..\src\UsageHelp -element compactrc ..\src\compactrc -element ShortUsa
geHelp ..\src\ShortUsageHelp
new source -> compiling ProjectManagerBundle.i3
new source -> compiling ProjectManagerBundle.m3
new source -> compiling Creation.i3
new source -> compiling Creation.m3

Fatal Error: bad version stamps: TimePrjDescTbl.i3

missing export: LongrealType.T imported by TimePrjDescTbl.i3
missing export: LongrealType.Brand imported by TimePrjDescTbl.i3

WARNING:  Encountered an error when processing package "elego\prjm" for "-build".

Randy Coleburn

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