[M3devel] getting started with new GitHub

Coleburn, Randy rcolebur at SCIRES.COM
Sun Oct 5 21:12:12 CEST 2014

I'm trying to find my way into how to use the new GitHub for cm3.

I've searched thru my email archives and I've also looked at https://github.com/modula3/cm3 , https://modula3.elegosoft.com/cm3/index.html , and https://cm3-bugs.elegosoft.com/cm3/wiki/CvsToGitMigration , but the info I've found is quite Spartan (lean, thin, incomplete).

>From what I see on the web page for GitHub cm3, I don't readily see how to do anything.
I've never used GitHub for anything else before, and I'm not sure what to do next.

I found a wiki page at https://github.com/modula3/cm3/wiki , but the getting started page for windows has "to do" listed for each topic.

I've found my archived email message where I gave my initial info to Dragiša Durić earlier this year, but I must confess I'm totally lost at this point.  Also, my email address is in the process of being changed, so the one I supplied initially must be replaced with another.

I don't expect a lot of hand-holding and I'm willing to do some learning, but can someone please point me to some documentation that will help me get started?

Randy Coleburn
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