[M3devel] Some M3 maintenance questions

Rodney M. Bates rodney_bates at lcwb.coop
Fri Feb 27 19:55:26 CET 2015

I have quite a list of little (and some not so little) maintenance things to
do to the Modula-3 distribution.  I am learning to use git and github, but
some involve other things than just the repository.

1) Olaf, are you intending to continue hosting the web pages?

2) How can I update these?  There appear to be copies of some/many of them
    in the cm3 repository, but these are not served from there as web pages,

3) I have never understood the automated build system on various platforms.
    What is its status?  Can run these builds manually, or will they run
    automatically if I put source updates in the right place?  What targets
    do we have?  (I have LINUXLIBC6 and AMD64_LINUX myself.)

4) I have also never understood how to run all the many test cases that are
    in the repository.  Has it been done at all recently?  Are there scripts
    to do it?  Can I add cases to them?  Are there various targets I can get
    them to run on?

Rodney Bates
rodney.m.bates at acm.org

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