[M3devel] better typing on SUBARRAY temporaries?

Jay K jay.krell at cornell.edu
Wed Jul 22 07:42:29 CEST 2015

In the C backend I have a notion of "weak struct types" and "strong struct types".

"Strong" types have fields with types and names corresponding to the original Modula-3. i.e. they debug well.

"Weak" types have just arrays of characters (in a struct), sized/aligned to what the front end asked for. i.e. they debug poorly.

Originally I had only weak types.Ideally I have no weak types.I'm down to very few weak types now.I'd like to finish eliminating weak types.

A quick investigation shows weak types come from open arrays and jmpbufs.Open array temporaries from SUBARRAY specifically.

Can we fix this?

We have:m3front/src/types/OpenArrayType.m3:
PROCEDURE DeclareTemp (t: Type.T): CG.Var =  VAR    p    := Reduce (t);    size := Target.Address.pack + OpenDepth (p) * Target.Integer.pack;  BEGIN    RETURN CG.Declare_temp (size, Target.Address.align,                            CG.Type.Struct, in_memory := TRUE);  END DeclareTemp;

PROCEDURE Compiler (p: P) =  VAR size := Target.Address.pack + OpenDepth (p) * Target.Integer.pack;  BEGIN    Type.Compile (p.element);    CG.Declare_open_array (Type.GlobalUID(p), Type.GlobalUID(p.element), size);  END Compiler;

DeclareTemp is used in SUBARRAY expressions -- truly temporaries,not variables authored by anyone in Modula-3.

Can this be easily fixed?

Thanks, - Jay
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