[M3devel] propose "output root" to replace shipping

Jay K jay.krell at cornell.edu
Sat Mar 21 01:10:44 CET 2015

 Building the current system fails in caltech-parser\parserlib\parserlib\test. 

 It tries to run an shipped klex but only the non-shipped one exist -- depending on the state of things. 
 But even if shipped exists, it likely shouldn't be using it.  

 This is a general problem we have been through somewhat before.  

 There are multiple parts to our current partial solution: 

 They can be seen here: 

 And those various "build tools" use build_standalone() 

 This could imho be abstracted. 
 However, I propose where today we have: 

  we instead have: 
     output_root/bin/bar.exe link or stub to target/abc.exe  

     output_root_install/bin/bar.exe link or stub to target/abc.exe  

 and that "install" become just directory operations, like deleting old and move or copy output_root{_install} to it 
 just "script", not anything in cm3, 

 and then, on systems that support "origin" -- NT, Linux, Solaris, FreeBSD, NetBSD >= 5.0, we don't 
 use standalone for this, and on systems that don't support "origin", still use standalone 

 and then shipping goes away, as a package operation. 
 you can instead ship an output root. 

 and then this override stuff goes away also;
 You bootstrap by copying in a few working files. Like make-dist.py does. 
 The system is reduced in size, as build_standalone falls away -- you can still use it,
 but it won't be used usually. 

 The larger source tree would become readonly, as it should be. 

 I believe Modula-3 was originally ahead of its time in having the readonly src directories,  
 but I believe time as passed it by, and what one really wants is a larger readonly tree of src directories/packages -- which 
 might as well not say "src", but preserve that instead of rearranging everything. 

 I know, I've heard, having the separate buildlocal / buildglobal is useful. 
 This doesn't elimine it that.
 It replaces it with "multiple buildglobal".
 Instead of having just the two options -- local and global -- you can create an arbitrary number of
 "global" scopes by creating a new output_root, copying it from a preexisting one. 

 As well, it is obscure, but you can also have "multiple local" by changing BUILD_DIR.
 But I don't think anyone does that. I think everyone leaves BUILD_DIR == TARGET. 
 This has several nice properties.
 readonly source tree  
 less file copying possibly (depending on if final scripted ship is directory copy or move) 
 cm3 can stop implementing ship   
 no need to use build_standalone on most systems, including for cm3 itself (but it still works)  

 - Jay 
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