[M3devel] OT Re: 64-bit integer literals (v5.8.6, NT386)

Daniel Alejandro Benavides D. dabenavidesd at yahoo.es
Fri Oct 9 18:19:10 CEST 2015

it seems something was wrong here or in the mailer I guess; your mail message had a scrubbed attachment, that got on my screen instead of your first message.
About your trouble, I remember that the NT386 standalone backend is now LongInteger aware (I guess not your current version), but perhaps need a newer bootstrap. Jay may know better
Thanks in advance

     El Viernes 9 de octubre de 2015 10:34, JC Chu <jcchu at acm.org> escribió:

 Looks like your email client wasn’t handling UTF-7 properly.  You can read the original message at <https://mail.elegosoft.com/pipermail/m3devel/2015-October/012010.html>.

— JC Chu

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