[M3devel] install and C code

Jay K jay.krell at cornell.edu
Tue Jan 5 11:44:22 CET 2016

I finally had a minor epiphany.

Ignoring the C backend, to the extent that
the system contains C code, "install" should
actually recompile all the C code, using
the user's intended compilation environment.

This would clear up various incompatibilities
that exist. i.e. with m3core.lib.sa and m3.lib.sa
and the bootstrapping procedure.
The 3.6 distribution did this.
It actually distributed assembly source and C source and then
did assembly/compilation/linking on the user machine.
assembly is close to "binary", but this had advantages.
It also solved the "origin" problem, back in the time before
origin was widely supported -- i.e. link with full paths on Unix systems.
I don't have the energy now, but we really could use a bit of a rewrite here.

 - Jay 
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