[M3devel] release 3.6, and history

Jay K jay.krell at cornell.edu
Wed Jun 29 07:58:30 CEST 2016

The cvs history seems to be there, but isn't always clear.
 I found the elegosoft cvsweb sometimes easier to navigate.
  And other things -- it isn't obvious in github how to get file contents either before or after a change -- one is easy and for the other I look at the next/previous change and its before/after file contents. I guess I'll wait, eventually git might be as good as perforce..

I there is nothing before 5.0 or 4.0 though I think.
I should have 3.6 somewhere around.

 - Jay

> From: hosking at purdue.edu 
> To: jay.krell at cornell.edu 
> CC: m3devel at elegosoft.com 
> Subject: Re: [M3devel] release 3.6, and history 
> Date: Wed, 29 Jun 2016 05:22:33 +0000 
> All the history should still be there on github. 
> On 29 Jun 2016, at 2:08 PM, Jay K 
> <jay.krell at cornell.edu<mailto:jay.krell at cornell.edu>> wrote: 
> I'm wondering: 
> - if anyone has the 3.6 release, can make it available? 
> - I can probably find it. We can put it on github? 

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