[M3devel] Supported Browers of CM3-IDE

Rodney M. Bates rodney_bates at lcwb.coop
Fri Sep 30 04:29:53 CEST 2016

Commit c00008, which I just pushed, fixes this problem on my

But, holy cow, then it spent tens of minutes scanning what looks to be
everything in my entire home directory, including lots of stuff that
has nothing to do with Modula3!

Wolfgang, what is your next problem with it?

On 09/29/2016 05:24 AM, Olaf Wagner wrote:
> Forwarded to the developers list:
> On Thu, 29 Sep 2016 11:56:37 +0200
> Wolfgang Keller <9103784 at gmx.de> wrote:
>> Hello
>> Is CM3 still under support? I work with Ubuntu 14.04 and try to get into
>> using Modula-3 and the CM3-IDE. I run into several problems from which I
>> pick:
>>       Firefox browser unusable because the IDE server shuts down
>> Can you offer any solution to this problem? Thank you very much!
>> Regards
>> - Wolfgang Keller
>> Software Developer

Rodney Bates
rodney.m.bates at acm.org

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