[M3devel] cm3 -D order vs. config file?

dirk muysers dmuysers at hotmail.com
Sat Jun 1 15:46:16 CEST 2019

I have installed the MS Build tools, including Windows Kits.
I read:
...The required environment variables are specific to your installation and to the build architecture you choose, and might be changed by product updates or upgrades. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you use one of the installed command prompt shortcuts or command files instead of setting the environment variables in Windows yourself. For more information, see Set the Path and Environment Variables for Command-Line Builds<https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/cpp/build/setting-the-path-and-environment-variables-for-command-line-builds?view=vs-2019>...

When I click on Visual Studio 2019>Visual Studio Tools>Developer Command Prompts, in order to inspect the required
environment settings, I get:
"Windows is searching for %comspec%. To locate the file yourself, click Browse", and after one minute, it dies,
Meanwhile when I check "set" I get:  COMSPEC=C:\Windows\system32\cmd.exe

I then try Visual Studio Installer => Repair
It downloads more than 300 MB and begins "installing package 1 of 96" etc
After more than half an hour, it asks to restart the system, because of their f...g registry.
Other huge softwares, including OSs manage to update in seconds without restarting.
But this being Microsoft, the worst company in the world,...

Well after yet another 5 minutes, having done the whole tapdance: Result, the same.
Enough is enough.
Had the M3 team completed their compiler by writing their own linker as the Oberon people did, it would have saved them  --and us users-- thousands of hours of twiddling, quaking and configuring...
I just will wait for an upcoming NT386 amd64/x86 release.
Sorry for my fit of temper.

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- Jay
From: Jay K
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Subject: Re: [M3devel] cm3 -D order vs. config file?

Please, maybe what will be most constructive, open github issue and be detailed? Steps & error messages?

- Jay
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The relevance is that the last windows release of the M3 compiler doesn't work with the MS BuildTool 2019 and its associated Windows Kits, so I am not able to compile anymore my M3 code base to x86
excutables on my Win 7 Pro amd64 box. And without a working cm3, I can't even try to adapt its source it to the new configuration.
Visual Studio & Co also has become a more and more unwieldy labyrinth like everything Microsoft.
Unfortunately we cannot do without it, because Windows runs 80% of the world's personal computers, OS X 12% and Linux only 1.5 %. So if you want to produce applications, you better do it for Windows.

On 31/05/2019 20:11:03, Jay K <jayk123 at hotmail.com> wrote:

What is the relevance?

Yes, this was done. There were problems. This should help a lot.
Better than to be unmaintained and stagnant?

 - Jay

From: dirk muysers <dmuysers at hotmail.com>
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To: Jay K
Subject: Re: [M3devel] cm3 -D order vs. config file?

At Microsoft they changed ("refactored", so they say) nearly everything lately.
see https://devblogs.microsoft.com/cppblog/introducing-the-universal-crt/

On 31/05/2019 11:57:22, Jay K <jayk123 at hotmail.com> wrote:

% Unfortunately, command line defines are not currently​
% available to the toplevel cm3.cfg.​
This seems really broken to me.​
At least from a Windows point of view.​
So you can't say easy things like:​
cm3 -DTARGET=AMD64_NT -DROOT=c:/s/cm3​
Instead you have to, environment instead:​
set CM3_TARGET=x​
set CM3_ROOT=y​
or Unix not as bad, somewhat more isomorphic:
CM3_TARGET=x CM3_ROOT=y cm3​

Ok if I try to fix it?
I thought I had.
Maybe I was using an old build to bootstrap..
 - Jay
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