[M3devel] OT: Re: Coroutines for Modula-3 released on AMD64_LINUX

vvm at tut.by vvm at tut.by
Tue Jun 11 08:58:48 CEST 2019


D.M.>>  I notice that the majority of this community mainly cares about polishing the Linux aspect of this system. 
D.M.>> This is a bit worrysome because the ultimate purpose of programming is producing applications, and applications mostly target the world of Windows. 
D.M.>> Never forget that 80% of the world's desktop computers run Windows, 12% run MacOS and Linux a poor 1.5%. 
D.M.>> Linux is for nerds, not for users. 

R.M.B.>  It is no coincidence that a highly inelegant operating system is also a highly buggy operating system. 
R.M.B.> Nor is it a coincidence that the Linux uptake numbersare skewed quite differently in servers, 
R.M.B.> where bug tolerance is dramatically lower, than in desktops.

 I use Windows on servers. It's elegant OS.

I always ask Linux fans one simple question: how about ReactOs ( "free Windows")?

And how about Modula-3 on OpenBSD? ( Windows use most of "security mechanisms" born in OpenBSD.)


  There are two minutes for humor. When some phrases has twice translated by G., we can see:

G.>  It is no coincidence that a high non-exhibitor operating system is also a high-error operating system.
G.> And it’s not by chance that Linux’s utilization indicators on servers are distorted completely differently,
G.> where error resilience is significantly lower than in desktop computers.

  This say famous G-le, nor I: 
 Linux’s utilization indicators are distorted, perverted, misrepresented, warped, mutilated, corrupt, curved, crooked, gnarled, gnarly, bowed , etc.

 May be G. have more info that we ( "common people") have?


 Two _facts_: since 2008 "OS VMS for x86" ( both 32bit and 64bit) isn't "high-error operating system", and it isn't "highly buggy OS"

Best regards, Victor Miasnikov

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