[M3commit] CVS Update: cm3

Jay K jay.krell at cornell.edu
Sat Jul 10 14:29:43 CEST 2010

not great but maybe ok for the time being, for a while..

> Date: Sat, 10 Jul 2010 14:27:27 +0000
> To: m3commit at elegosoft.com
> From: jkrell at elego.de
> Subject: [M3commit] CVS Update: cm3
> CVSROOT: /usr/cvs
> Changes by: jkrell at birch. 10/07/10 14:27:27
> Modified files:
> cm3/m3-sys/m3cc/gcc/gcc/m3cg/: parse.c
> Log message:
> use POINTER_PLUS with gcc 4.3 same as with gcc 4.5
> volatilize any function that calls RTHooks__PushEFrame
> Therefore enabling "pre" optimization (partial redundancy elimination?)
> This would probably be cleaner in a few other ways:
> investigate further why gcc doesn't like the trees we produce for this case
> have a direct call in the middle end: volatilize_current_function
> understand (at least) the two variants of try/finally
> don't volatilize all variables
> In my one test case though, the finally block doesn't
> access anything, so only volatilizing what is needed
> would set us back to really having to understand.
> And, really, volatile even of certain variables is overkill.
> You just want be sure they are "homed" prior to function
> calls that can throw, not at every single use and not
> before function calls that can't throw.
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