[M3devel] cvs question: how to know what I have changed on my machine?

Jay jayk123 at hotmail.com
Mon Dec 31 10:48:26 CET 2007

I swear I looked for this on the web, several times. :)
What is the right/fast way to see what I have changed in cvs?
Is it really to go to the top of the tree and say cvs diff?
Some source control system I have used, makes "checked in" filesread only, requires you to "check out", and keeps track of whatyou checked out.This model seems quite nice.There is a fallback if the network is needed and not available.It is a little annoying, the inevitable failed save, but it is well worth it.
I've been doing cvs diff but it seem terribly inefficient.
Same question for Subversion, though I haven't looked.It at least seems to rapidly know what I have changed, on my puny tree,and I know it also saves away all the originals, so diff is a client only operation.
Oh another question -- how to view history?Like, what i keep doing is navigating to individual files on the web.It's fairly tedious.It'd be nice if checkins at right about the same time, with the same comment,where packaged up in the ui, like Perforce (well, for it, it is just one change)....I usually look at the diffs after commit, besides before.
Thanks, - Jay
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