[M3devel] Luca Cardelli Interview and video tape resources

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Dear all, check the link

Besides, does anyone know if the video tapes of the research reports (including the
one of the language release) is available for download or external lend of a library?
I found this one from http://wally.rit.edu/pubs/guides/csvideo.html  :


MRC VH 701K 

Donahue, Jim. Modula-3 . UVC, 1991. Lecture
by Jim Donahue, Olivetti Research California. Summarizes the joint work
of ORC and DEC's Systems Research Center to design Modula-3, a new
systems programming language descending from Mesa, Modula-2, and Modula
2+. Describes the principles that drove the language design and
discusses the most important features of the language, emphasizing the
type system, its most innovative feature. Ends with a Q&A session.
the above can be checked on:
also in (Hong Kong):

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