[M3devel] need help with cm3 problem before I deliver software this week

Randy Coleburn rcoleburn at scires.com
Tue Jul 29 22:17:35 CEST 2008

I've been using cm3 to develop software I am delivering this week to a customer.  During the acceptance testing, we've run into a problem that I have not been able to solve.  I am hoping someone in the cm3 community can help.  I need to solve this problem ASAP this week.
This problem is easily reproduced using the "formsedit" program.
The problem is with the TypeIn and TypeScript FormsVBT elements used in my program.  Since formsedit uses these, you can easily reproduce the problem.
Click with the mouse to move the insertion point somewhere in the text.  Observe that the cursor moves to that point.  Now, use the left arrow key to move the insertion point a few characters to the left.  Then, type a few characters.  Observe that the first character you type shows up at the place where you initially moved the cursor with the mouse, while the remaining characters show up at the place where you moved the cursor via the left-arrow key.  This behavior is wrong.  The first character you type should be at the current insertion point, not at the one from the mouse move.
I'm sure the fix is easy, but I haven't been able to locate it yet.  It probably has to do with the internal idea of the insertion point not getting updated properly.  Note that the cursor on the screen is in the right spot, it's just that the first character gets inserted into the TypeIn or TypeScript in the wrong place (i.e., it is put at the place from the mouse move, not from the last arrow key move).
Any assistance you can provide is very much appreciated and will go a long way toward keeping Modula-3 use alive and well for this project.  If we can't fix this one, the customers will want to re-code everything in some Microsoft language, probably C++ or C#.
I also have one other strange anomaly, but it is less of an issue at the moment.  On a Dell M4300 laptop at 1920x1200 resolution, all pixmaps are getting stretched vertically.  Text seems to be fine as do HBox, Rim, Frame, etc., but pixmaps get vertically stretched out of proportion.  This problem has not happened on all other platforms I've tested, (e.g. Lenovo T60 at 1024x768 and 2048x1024, IBM G40 at 1400x1050, etc.).  Any ideas on what could be the issue?  I know that 1920x1200 is a strange resolution, but it is the native resolution for the M4300 laptop computer that the customer is using.  I checked and the computer is set for 96dpi (normal).  Perhaps there is some Trestle setting that I need to tweak on this platform, or perhaps there is a bug that needs fixing.
Randy Coleburn
Senior Systems Engineer
Scientific Research Corporation
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