[M3devel] need help with cm3 problem before I deliver software this week

Tony Hosking hosking at cs.purdue.edu
Tue Jul 29 23:04:53 CEST 2008

Hmm, do we have any Trestle gurus these days?

On Jul 29, 2008, at 9:17 PM, Randy Coleburn wrote:

> Hi:
> I've been using cm3 to develop software I am delivering this week to  
> a customer.  During the acceptance testing, we've run into a problem  
> that I have not been able to solve.  I am hoping someone in the cm3  
> community can help.  I need to solve this problem ASAP this week.
> This problem is easily reproduced using the "formsedit" program.
> The problem is with the TypeIn and TypeScript FormsVBT elements used  
> in my program.  Since formsedit uses these, you can easily reproduce  
> the problem.
> Click with the mouse to move the insertion point somewhere in the  
> text.  Observe that the cursor moves to that point.  Now, use the  
> left arrow key to move the insertion point a few characters to the  
> left.  Then, type a few characters.  Observe that the first  
> character you type shows up at the place where you initially moved  
> the cursor with the mouse, while the remaining characters show up at  
> the place where you moved the cursor via the left-arrow key.  This  
> behavior is wrong.  The first character you type should be at the  
> current insertion point, not at the one from the mouse move.
> I'm sure the fix is easy, but I haven't been able to locate it yet.   
> It probably has to do with the internal idea of the insertion point  
> not getting updated properly.  Note that the cursor on the screen is  
> in the right spot, it's just that the first character gets inserted  
> into the TypeIn or TypeScript in the wrong place (i.e., it is put at  
> the place from the mouse move, not from the last arrow key move).
> Any assistance you can provide is very much appreciated and will go  
> a long way toward keeping Modula-3 use alive and well for this  
> project.  If we can't fix this one, the customers will want to re- 
> code everything in some Microsoft language, probably C++ or C#.
> I also have one other strange anomaly, but it is less of an issue at  
> the moment.  On a Dell M4300 laptop at 1920x1200 resolution, all  
> pixmaps are getting stretched vertically.  Text seems to be fine as  
> do HBox, Rim, Frame, etc., but pixmaps get vertically stretched out  
> of proportion.  This problem has not happened on all other platforms  
> I've tested, (e.g. Lenovo T60 at 1024x768 and 2048x1024, IBM G40 at  
> 1400x1050, etc.).  Any ideas on what could be the issue?  I know  
> that 1920x1200 is a strange resolution, but it is the native  
> resolution for the M4300 laptop computer that the customer is  
> using.  I checked and the computer is set for 96dpi (normal).   
> Perhaps there is some Trestle setting that I need to tweak on this  
> platform, or perhaps there is a bug that needs fixing.
> Regards,
> Randy Coleburn
> Senior Systems Engineer
> Scientific Research Corporation

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