[M3devel] modula-3 uniq.exe?

Jay jayk123 at hotmail.com
Thu Jun 5 13:30:40 CEST 2008

The Modula-3 tree has a simple little uniq.exe. It's like 10 lines, looks reasonable.
I haven't debugged it, but when I have \cm3\bin and therefore \cm3\bin\uniq.exe early in %PATH%, building in m3-sys/m3cc hangs. I have seen this twice recently, so it wasn't a one time fluke. Both times I control-c, delete \cm3\bin\uniq.exe, rmdir /q/s NT386<whatever> (cross builds of m3cc use a two part output directory), cm3 again, and problem solved.
I know it's good to build everything possible, make it sure it all builds and all that, but the code is pretty trivial and uninteresting.
How about we remove it from the "std" group?
(I'm still not using pkginfo.txt myself, hypocrisy, but let's assume I am; pylib.py has its own list currently.)
Or in its m3makefile put like if not equal(target, "nt386") around it all
I know I know, I'm lazy, it should be debugged and fixed properly, but it just doesn't seem all that worthwhile. And I also don't to have to keep deleting it.
Cloning varous utilities in Modula-3 is a great exercise in using/testing/learning Modula-3, but maybe they shouldn't be identically named or installed or alway installed? Granted, installing them is a great way to test them...
 - Jay
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