[M3devel] SOLsun/libgcc/libsunmath/FloatMode/dynamic linking/..?

Jay jayk123 at hotmail.com
Thu Jun 12 19:21:47 CEST 2008

Ok I'll have to send out some smaller mails. Hey, I figure, you get the quality of email you pay me for. :)
The "obvious" question is, sort of, does anyone give a darn about SOLsun?
Using it actively?
Wanting it back?
Not that I'm only "focusing" (haha) on platforms that people care about, I'm aiming at any mildly interesting target, as an exercise of some sort. (and yes, I know I'm leaving some things a bit incomplete and hope to sweep up before I get too far ahead -- AMD64_LINUX garbage colllection, NT386MINGNU __stdcall being among the older/severest issues; the AMD64_LINUX native cm3cg issue occurs on SPARC64_OPENBSD as well, I hope to fix that "next", have been stepping through looking for where things vary, vs. a cross build from NT386GNU that works..DImode vs. VOIDmode on some assignment statements..the output of cm3cg -y is identical, the output of cm3cg -da is identical before the crash except for pointers, was a while before I remember about the various -d switches, stepping through the code saw a reference to "dump_file"..).
Another question is, does anyone give a darn what linker is used on SOL*?
If the matter is just to use what is most easily/cheaply acquired, then the answer is use the Sun ld.
Perhaps if the matter is "cross platform compatibility" then GNU, perhaps. (ie: bring along as much as you can so you can keep as much the same as possible, such as command lines/config file contents).
I "just" got Solaris (8,9,10, less luck with getting 8,9 running though, so sticking with 10) from eBay. I don't know the "real" current bundling/pricing, though the OS itself is now free at least as in beer, tools I suspect too but I don't yet have the free stuff running. The free stuff seems to be kept more up to date for x86 -- at least the current release is x86 only and you have to go back a bit for SPARC. I'm not sure about AMD64. I figure they are catering to a "low end community" and hope to still charge money for the "high end" SPARC hardware (though really I expect x86/AMD64 continues to eat into everyone's lunch... as it gets steadily faster/cheaper...(and yeah, I386_SOLARIS, AMD64_SOLARIS, SPARC64_SOLARIS all on my radar but need to wait..)
If the tools are free, SOLgnu becomes less interesting and SOLsun more interesting??
Or, we just run a simple market economy here and demand is pretty little all around, hard to tell? :)
It happened to be a little easier/quicker/earlier for me get Sun cc up vs. gcc. But I'm wierd.
I actually don't have gcc/Solaris up yet, but should before much longer.
 - Jay

CC: m3devel at elegosoft.comFrom: hosking at cs.purdue.eduTo: jayk123 at hotmail.comSubject: Re: [M3devel] SOLsun/libgcc/libsunmath/FloatMode/dynamic linking/..?Date: Thu, 12 Jun 2008 15:51:18 +0100

There's too much in your e-mail to respond to Jay, so I'll just make a simple historical observation: SOLgnu was originally intended as a Solaris target where there was no availability of Sun's cc (Sun did not bundle cc with the OS at the time -- they wanted you to buy it!).  However, the rest of the Solaris toolchain has always been bundled with the OS.  Thus, with gcc the easiest free option as a replacement for cc, SOLgnu meant folks could use Modula-3 without having to buy Sun's cc.
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