[M3devel] SOLsun/libgcc/libsunmath/FloatMode/dynamic linking/..?

Olaf Wagner wagner at elegosoft.com
Fri Jun 13 11:27:44 CEST 2008

Quoting Jay <jayk123 at hotmail.com>:

> Ok I'll have to send out some smaller mails. Hey, I figure, you get   
> the quality of email you pay me for. :)

Could you be more elaborate on who exactly is paying you for M3 work? ;-)
I'd like to share this experience...

> The "obvious" question is, sort of, does anyone give a darn about SOLsun?
> Using it actively?
> Wanting it back?

Not personally, but I'd just like to remind you of the fact that
the Sun compilers were/are highly optimized for the SPARC architecture,
so that in certain performance critical domains nobody would use
gcc. I don't really know if this is still a current problem of gcc,
nor do I know if it has much impacts on CM3 as the gcc backend is
used anyway for all M3 code.

It would be interesting how good or bad M3s compiled code actually
is wrt. the different target platforms... I've got no intention to
set up benchmark testing for this though ;-)

> Another question is, does anyone give a darn what linker is used on SOL*?
> If the matter is just to use what is most easily/cheaply acquired,   
> then the answer is use the Sun ld.
> Perhaps if the matter is "cross platform compatibility" then GNU,   
> perhaps. (ie: bring along as much as you can so you can keep as much  
>  the same as possible, such as command lines/config file contents).

Are there any important differences in the linkers? I wouldn't care
much otherwise.

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