[M3devel] AMD64_LINUX (again)

Jay jay.krell at cornell.edu
Mon Nov 17 09:39:48 CET 2008

ok, with the sbrk workaround now:
 You don't have to build anything.
  You probably want to run ./do-cm3-std.py buildship.
  You get to build your own of almost everything (./install-config.py && ./do-pkg.py m3cc buildship && ./do-cm3-front.py buildship && ./install-front.py && ./do-cm3-std.py buildship)
OR you can bootstrap from an existing other system, roughly:
 cd m3-sys/m3cc && cm3 -DM3CC_TARGET=AMD64_LINUX && cd scripts/python && ./do-cm3-front.py AMD64_LINUX boot && ./boot1.py AMD64_LINUX and copy /cm3-boot-AMD64_LINUX-1.tar.gz to target machine and extract it, cd into it, make, and then you have native cm3 and proceed to previous..
I'm able to run Juno, Cube, Calculator, Mentor.
Hm. formsedit crashes. Darn.
Program received signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault.[Switching to Thread 1140881760 (LWP 13270)]0x00002afc180b9d6a in ScrollerVBTClass__PaintViewWithShadows (M3_Ao3CED_v=Cannot access memory at address 0x144006bf8)    at ../src/lego/POSIX/ScrollerVBTClass.m3:325325         VBT.PaintTint(v, r, v.shadow.bg);(gdb) cContinuing.Cannot find user-level thread for LWP 13242: generic error(gdb) bt#0  0x00002afc180b9d6a in ScrollerVBTClass__PaintViewWithShadows (M3_Ao3CED_v=Cannot access memory at address 0x144006bf8
) at ../src/lego/POSIX/ScrollerVBTClass.m3:325Cannot fetch general-purpose registers for thread 1140881760: generic error(gdb)
still might be worth other people trying out..
 - Jay
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